The definition of grayscale is a range of gray shades from white to black. Our company name, Grayscale Homes (GH), was inspired by the simplicity, traditional nature and monochromatic display of grayscale artwork. Owner and Founder, Tiffany Acosta, realized her appreciation for this style of art during a college course where she practiced the technique of creating two-dimensional art with just white and black paint.

She soon discovered she was not only skilled in this specific expression of art but found the aesthetic that spoke to her most. This artistry, while simple, possesses character and resonates with an older time period before color print and TV. The juxtaposition of modern meets traditional exhilarated Tiffany and this trickled into her passion for interiors.

GH specializes in creating simple, monochromatic interiors with bold touches of black and mixing styles - old and new. In addition to our traditional services we offer e-design packages and a wide range of minimalistic home decor pieces online.

Things were a lot simpler back then and we pride ourselves on creating beautiful spaces that embody that from a fresh and new perspective. There are real benefits to minimalism - one major benefit being, reduced clutter contributes to less feelings of stress and anxiety. Our company was established with your home and quality of life in mind. 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you in the future and seeing GH pieces throughout your home for years to come!