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Cozy Mid-century Morristown Nursery

Step into a project that showcases the depth of consideration given to our design while also illustrating how a space can be functional, stylish, and meaningful, even when tailored for the youngest members of a household.

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Safe, Serene, and Nurturing.

Welcome to the Mid-Century Modern Morristown Nursery. Although the couple inherited a more traditional crib I assured them their baby boy would embrace their love for midcentury design if I had anything to do with it!

The design we created evokes a sense of warmth and comfort, with a style that blends seamlessly with the rest of the home while also incorporating whimsical and gentle elements appropriate for a baby’s room. We prioritized functionality, ensuring the nursery is practical for everyday tasks like changing diapers, feeding, and soothing the baby back to sleep. This space is organized and equipped with ample storage solutions to keep essentials within reach but also neatly out of sight.


In terms of style, we leaned towards a theme that encourages growth and imagination, with colors and patterns that are soothing and stimulating. We wanted the feel of the nursery to be one of tranquility and love, a place where both parent and child feel relaxed and bonded. We also thought about the adaptability of the space, considering how the nursery can evolve as the child grows. This included choosing furniture and decor that can be easily updated or repurposed for different functions over time.

From Vision to Nursery

Our interior design firm has a unique talent in transforming spaces into picturesque environments that perfectly capture our clients’ visions, especially when it comes to creating a nurturing and beautiful nursery. Our expertise not only lies in designing but also in understanding the realistic timeline and budget necessary to bring these visions to life.

A Stress Free Experience

Our Team navigates through the complexities of sourcing materials, employing the right craftsmen, and managing all of our projects efficiently to ensure every detail is in place, on time, and within budget. With an interior designer’s guidance, you can create a dreamy and functional nursery that grows with your little one. Let us handle the planning and project management, allowing you to focus on the beauty of becoming a parent.

Potential in Every Space

Where others envision merely four walls and a vacant area, we perceive boundless possibilities. Just take a look at the before image on the right as proof. As your interior designer, we guarantee that your space will not only be practical but also brimming with aesthetic appeal, perfectly reflecting your unique style. Whether you’re revamping a nursery, kitchen, bathroom, or living room, rest assured we have you covered from start to finish. Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Reach out today to get started on your nursery interior design project.