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The Classic Rahway Kitchen

Our clients, passionate about baking and with two little ones in tow, dreamt of transforming their compartmentalized kitchen into an open-concept hub. They envisioned a bright, airy space with a central island that’s more than just a kitchen feature—it’s a homework station, a baking area, and the heart of their home. With these dreams in hand, we set out to craft a kitchen that’s not only functional for baking and family time but also a light-filled space that opens seamlessly into the dining area, elevating the home’s overall vibe.

Client:French - WilliamsYear:2024Designer:Tiffany AcostaShare

The Heart Of The Home, Reimagined.

Our latest transformation is a tale of opening up spaces and infusing them with light, functionality, and a touch of minimalistic charm. Moving beyond the cramped doorway in their dining room to a more inviting flow was key. They also wanted to ditch the outdated microwave-over-stove setup and dark wood cabinetry for something that reflects a modern, yet timeless aesthetic. Despite the square footage being a tough negotiator, we decided to smart-talk our way into making every inch count. 

Aesthetics? Oh, we went full kitchen whisperer on it. The goal was a vibe uplift, transforming it from a outdated dark kitchen into a bright sleek, minimalist space for our clients. And because we wanted to add some color without overwhelming the senses, we introduced subtle pops of green. It’s like that unexpected twist in a movie that you never see coming but totally love.

The Perfect Kitchen Island

Enter the dream island – not the tropical kind but just as magical. The old makeshift island was out, barely making the cut for snack time, let alone for our clients’ growing needs. With two kiddos running around, this had to be a multifunctional space: homework desk by day, baking station by night.

A Built in Pantry

Speaking of baking, our client could probably give the pros a run for their money, if only her kitchen didn’t play hard to get. Between you and me, the microwave squatting above the stove was cramping her style (and ours). It’s a big no-no in the cool kitchen rules. But, our clients are tall – like, ‘why is everything so far down?’ tall. So, nestling the microwave in the island would have turned them into reluctant yogis. Instead, we got crafty with a built-in pantry that lets the microwave live its best life, up high where it belongs.

A Sprinkle of Chic Simplicity

So, what we ended up with isn’t just a kitchen; it’s a slice of paradise where light dances, spaces hug you back, and the microwave doesn’t require a yoga mat. The home owners were so happy to upgrade this very special area in their home and we couldn’t have been more proud to lead the way to this new chapter of memories,