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Luxurious Edgewater Condo

Initially perceived as a modest space, this room’s transformation is a testament to the magic of detailed interior design. At first glance, the room appeared ordinary – four walls, a basic reach-in closet, and little to draw the eye. Yet, through meticulous design choices, every corner of this space was elevated, from the closet doors adorned with chic knobs to the addition of a sophisticated ceiling decal for the chandelier..

Client:DinoraYear:2023Designer:Tiffany AcostaShare

The Moody Master Bedroom in Edgewater, New Jersey.

Our design strategy involved layering textures and lighting to create depth and interest. We introduced a dual-layer window treatment – combining light-filtering sheers with luxurious thick velvet blackout curtains. The addition of a double rod provided an elegant detail, complementing the room’s refined aesthetic. Accents like a floor mirror and a double-layered rug featuring faux animal skin added layers of sophistication.

Among the standout features was the textured wallpaper, which became the cornerstone of our design. This exquisite detail, made from thick, wood-based material, added a touch of glamour and sophistication, creating a moody, sexy ambiance. The wallpaper’s three-dimensional aspect captures and reflects light, bringing a dynamic sparkle to the space.

Love at first sight!

Our client fell in love with this wallpaper at first sight, guiding the direction of the entire room’s design. With this starting point, every other element seamlessly fell into place, embodying the vision of moody elegance and glamour.

In crafting this room’s design, we adhered to the principle that less is more, focusing on impactful elements like the window treatments, luxurious bedding, and statement lighting. The result is a space that balances minimal decor with intricate design details, making for a truly unique and captivating interior.

Stay tuned – more is on the way!

We are immensely proud of this project, demonstrating the transformative power of interior design to turn simple spaces into areas of breathtaking interest and beauty. This project highlights the value of working with designers who can see beyond the ordinary, creating extraordinary experiences in every corner.