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The Montville Historical Home

Imagine stepping into a breathtaking 1911 abode, crafted by the hands of our homeowner’s great-great-great-grandfather – a true celebration of legacy enveloped in a tapestry of memories. As we breathed new life into this magnificent space, we paid homage to its storied history, ensuring each design choice respected its heritage. The thought of stripping it down to something overly simple or starkly modern felt like it would strip away its soul.

Client:HollerithYear:2023Designer:Tiffany AcostaShare

The Historical Hollerith Home in Montville, New Jersey.

It’s not everyday that you get to work on a 100+ year old home! Finding the right balance between revived, fresh and modern while maintaining the home’s original history was so incredibly inspiring. The home’s lineage of homeowners only had one request and it was that we did not touch all the original millwork – we understood the assignment. Working around such intricate details was intimidating at first but we eventually found our flow.

Reflecting on the transformation, it’s impossible not to be amazed. Our creative journey led us through:

The Dining Room

This room, like the rest of the home, is a harmonious blend of old and new, a testament to our passion for preserving heritage while embracing modern elegance. Moments like these remind us why we love what we do. Stay tuned, as we embark on this transformative journey through each room, sharing the cherished elements that make this project truly special.

Two big updates that we had decided on for this space:

*Removing the island that created a separation into the kitchen area to open up the space. 

*Created a space for the beautiful cast iron french doors as a second entrance which were once a large window.

The Formal Living Room

It all started with these beautiful rich olive green sofas and well the rest is history, no pun intended!

These sofas lended themselves to modernizing the space with their interesting curves and overall minimalistic style but the color couldn’t have worked more perfectly with all the warm woodwork. If you pay close attention, there are tons of decorative details we layered in throughout the space that are just as old as the home that the family kept in great condition – doing this ensured the home’s history did not come second to all the newness we brought in and always reminded us we were standing in history itself.

The Mudroom

Additions and extensions on historical homes can be tricky. How do you make it look and feel part of the rest of the home? On this 112 year old property, we were inspired by the homes original millwork, coffered ceilings and doors, when designing the addition of this mudroom. With this new space being directly off the living room pulling in those features and warm earthy details were a must in preserving the character and style. This space is a true reflection of the home’s rich history, thoughtfully reimagined for contemporary living.

The Den

Step into the Den, or family room, of our fabulous Montville project. Get ready for a deep sectional sofa perfect for Netflix marathons, a custom media built in with extra storage to tuck away toys and media consoles, and a thoughtful touch of history that’s represented in every detail. From the window casings and sills to the coffered ceilings and hard wood flooring pattern, we’ve kept the historical charm alive with consistency and cohesiveness.