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The Minimalistic Morristown Apartment

Step into a project where we embraced the challenge of creating a functional and attractive living space for a couple and their growing family. By leveraging a specific color palette tailored to their unique needs, we transformed colors into navigational aids that enhanced comfort and mobility within the home. Our focus on maintaining an open and clutter-free environment through strategic furniture placement allowed for a seamless flow between living spaces.

Client:SuppleYear:2022Designer:Tiffany AcostaShare

Midcentury Modern Apartment in Morristown, New Jersey.

Our portfolio proudly features a bespoke project designed for a blossoming family, meticulously crafted to align with their individual tastes and requirements. Prioritizing functionality without sacrificing style, we ventured into creating an open concept layout, infusing our signature Grayscale Homes style. The outcome was a resounding success, capturing the hearts of the couple!

This project wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was a deep dive into how colors can be more than just visual elements—they can be tools for navigation and comfort. The significance of this became apparent as we selected our color palette, a process that was both stringent due to the client’s visual requirements and exhilarating as we explored the interplay of colors that catered to their needs while appealing to both partners’ Midcentury Modern tastes.

The Dining Room

From the outset, it was crucial to maintain a spacious feel within the apartment. I know when getting into an apartment there’s this concern of making the space feel cluttered/small, but through meticulous planning and design, we proved it’s possible to fill a space without sacrificing openness. By anchoring the living and dining areas with thoughtful furniture placement and decor, we achieved a seamless flow that made the apartment feel just as spacious as it was before we began designing. 

The Nursery

Perhaps one of the most heartfelt aspects of this project was the nursery. Echoing the mid-century modern style adored by the couple, we infused a youthful and playful ambiance suitable for their baby boy.

Although the couple inherited a more traditional crib I assured them their baby boy would embrace their love for midcentury design if I had anything to do with it!

A Home That Resonates With you

Interior Design is not merely about creating a visually appealing space but about understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client, turning their everyday environment into a sanctuary that supports and enriches their lives. Through this journey, we learned that limitations could indeed pave the way for creativity, proving that design, at its core, is about crafting spaces that resonate with the lives and hearts of those who inhabit them.