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Timeless Montville Dining Room

Our latest interior design project has allowed us to honor the past and embrace the future. Here, in this stunning 1911 home, built by the great great great grandfather of our homeowners, we have woven a tapestry of memories. Today, we present to you a glimpse of the dining room, the heart of gatherings and stories yet to unfold. This room, like the rest of the home, is a harmonious blend of old and new, a testament to our passion for preserving heritage while embracing modern elegance. Moments like these remind us why we love what we do.

Client:HollerithYear:2023Designer:Tiffany AcostaShare

Reviving Montville History

I still remember when I walked into Meagan and Spencer’s historical home. A home that has been in their family since 1911! I’m not sure the exact moment I realized this would be a big deal for Grayscale Homes – maybe somewhere in between the day we toured the property in all its original glory and Meagan showing us pictures of her great great great grandfather building it on horse and buggy. I knew this would not only be a pivotal point for my firm but also for me!

This wasn’t just any project, it was an opportunity that redefined our appreciation for history, craftsmanship and interiors as a whole. We were standing in a space that represented a time when homes were built with integrity and no detail was too grand. This challenged us, as most of our clients were in pursuit of modern, simple and minimalistic. This home was not that and any attempt to make it so would have been a disservice.

When we designed this home we went with traditional and modern pieces. Marrying these two styles allowed us to seamlessly blend our love for old and new. Allowing the pieces to feel like they have always lived in this space.

Looking back at the changes we are truly in awe. Two big updates that we had decided on for this space:

Repurposing Historical pieces

If you pay close attention, there are TONS of decorative details we layered in throughout the space that are just as old as the home that the family kept in great condition. Doing this ensured the home’s history did not come second to all the newness we brought in and always reminded us we were standing in history itself.

Embracing The Open Concept

Taking a look at the before image you will see an old Island that once created a separation between the kitchen area and dining room. We removed this to open up the space and replaced it with a very special family heirloom that the family already had on hand.