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Shop Our Interior Design Project: Shades of Grayscale Glamour

Welcome to our latest interior design project, where we proudly present a stunning display of grayscale elegance. In this blog, we’ll unveil the captivating allure of this monochromatic design palette, showcasing how we’ve created a space that exudes glamour and luxury without the need for vibrant colors. Additionally, this project gave us an exciting opportunity to explore a new design style, delving into the realms of moody and Hollywood glamour aesthetics. Join us as we share the details of this captivating project and provide clickable links to all the curated pieces we used.

Moody Hollywood glam room project

Embracing the Grayscale Palette:

The color palette of this project truly embodies the essence of Grayscale Homes. With a sophisticated blend of black, white, grays, and neutrals, we discovered how these seemingly simple tones can transform a space into something striking, luxurious and beautiful. Despite the limited use of color, the overall ambiance remains vibrant and dynamic, proving that monochromatic designs can be visually stunning and captivating.

Unveiling the Glamorous Aesthetic:

This project allowed us to venture into uncharted territory, showcasing our ability to create a moody and glamorous space that oozes sophistication. Embracing the Hollywood-inspired style, we introduced luxurious velvets, an array of textures, and rich textiles to add depth and drama to the design. With careful attention to detail, we curated a space that exudes opulence and provides a truly unique experience for both the eye and the senses.

Discover the Curated Pieces:

We understand the importance of ease in accessing the pieces that bring a design to life. That’s why we’ve included clickable links throughout this blog, allowing you, our valued clients and subscribers, to explore and shop the exact items we used in this project. Each piece has been thoughtfully selected to complement the grayscale palette and enhance the overall glamorous atmosphere. So, whether you’re looking to recreate the entire design or simply incorporate elements into your own space, we’ve made it convenient for you to find and acquire the key components.


Click the links below for direct access to products:

Base Molding: “Base Moulding”

Curtain rod: “Modern Polished Brass Curtain Rod”

Curtain tie back: “Bolt polished Brass Chain Curtain Tieback”

Wall paper: “Phillip Jeffries 3D WallPaper”

Flooring: “Lakewood Olive Brown 10×40 Wood Look Matte Porcelain Tile”

Door knobs: “Brass Knot Door Knobs”

Closet doors: “80″ Madison Shaker Hollow Core Smooth Bifold 4 Door”

Ceiling medallion: “Diane Urethane Ceiling Medallion”


Lamp: “Chapman and Meyers Fluted Spire 25 inch Table Lamp”

Chaise: “Wrought Studio Faux Leather Reclining Chaise”

End tables: “Cimmero Manufactured Wood Nightstand”

Chandelier: “Seashell Chandelier”

Bed frame: “Kathy Kuo Home Cara Modern Classic Beige Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed Queen”


Candle: Buddha Inspired Soy Candle in Black”

Wick Trimmer: “Gold Wick Trimmer”

Side table: “Modern Faux Marble Round Accent Table with X Base, 16 Inch, Marble and Gold”

Mirror: “Aosta Brass Wall Mirror”

Full length mirror: “Bone Full length mirror” 

Throw pillows: “Decorative throw pillows”

Magazine Rack: “Metal free standing magazine rack”

Throw blanket: “Faux fur ruched throw collection” 

Book 1:  “Made For Living – Coffee table book 

Book 2:  “Live Beautiful – Coffee table book by Athena Calderone”

Rug: “Aisha Rug 2304”

Layered rug: “Beige cowhide large 150cm-210cm rug”

Carafe: “Tiara optic swirl bedside carafe”

Chain links: “Ruth marble chain links”

Beads: “Beaded wood garland”


We are thrilled to present this transformative grayscale project, exploring the realms of glamour and luxury. Our journey into this moody design style has allowed us to showcase our versatility and creativity, proving that we can transcend traditional boundaries and create spaces that are both breathtaking and unique. Shop our interior design edit and embark on your own grayscale journey, elevating your space to new heights of sophistication.

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