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Ditch the Decor Dilemmas: Unleash the Power of E-Design

Craving a dream home but overwhelmed by logistics and costs? Enter e-design, the game-changer that brings expert design to your doorstep (or, should we say, screen!) Say goodbye to scheduling hassles and hefty price tags – with e-design, luxurious interiors are just a click away.

Remote Design

How does it work?

It's simpler than you think! Forget about measuring tapes and awkward in-person meetings. Through virtual consultations, we'll chat about your vision, pore over photos and videos of your space, and gather your design inspirations. Technology bridges the gap, allowing us to create a meticulous understanding of your home's potential, no matter where you are.

So, what are the perks of e-design? Buckle up:

  • Effortless Convenience: Ditch the commute and schedule juggling. Get expert guidance anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your couch.
  • Budget-Friendly Bliss: Enjoy high-quality design services at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. More dream, less dough!
  • Seamless Collaboration: Stay informed and involved throughout the process with easy communication and clear updates.
  • Speed Up Your Style: Skip lengthy consultations and design delays. E-design delivers faster turnaround times for your dream décor.

Ready to ditch the decor dilemmas and embrace the e-design revolution? Contact us today and let’s unlock the hidden potential of your space!

Share Your Vision
Virtual Collaboration
Effortless Execution

Level 01

The Creative Process

$ 750
  • 30 min complimentary intro call
  • Virtual walkthrough of the space
  • Customized mood board
  • 2 complimentary revision
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

Level 02

Guidance and Visualization

$ 1500-2800
  • 30 min complimentary intro call
  • Virtual walkthrough of the space
  • Mood board and room board
  • Scaled floor plan
  • 3 complimentary revisions
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

Level 03

From A to Z

$ 3000-5000
  • 30 min complimentary intro call
  • 1 hour design consultation
  • Virtual walkthrough of the space(s)
  • Weekly meetings as required
  • Mood board, Room board & Scaled floor plan
  • 3D Sketches and Elevations
  • Photo realistic renderings
  • Detailed shopping list
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Personal shopping and project management

Virtually get your dream home interiors done: Get the most out of your E-designer.

Custom designs

Convinced to Hire a Remote Home Decorator

We're not just about aesthetics; we create personalized havens that reflect your unique style and soul. Working hand-in-hand, we'll seamlessly translate your vision into reality, crafting a space that's both breathtakingly beautiful and authentically you.


Full Service Interior Design:

Immersive Experience: Your dedicated designer visits your space, collaborates closely, and handles every detail, from concept to completion.
Tailored Solutions: Expect custom furniture, on-site project management, and seamless execution for a truly bespoke transformation.
Hands-Off Approach: Sit back and relax knowing every aspect of your project is expertly managed, leaving you free to focus on the excitement.

Virtual Interior Design:

Accessible Expertise: Get professional guidance regardless of location with remote consultations and online collaboration.
Cost-Effective: Enjoy high-quality design at a more budget-friendly price point, perfect for smaller projects or budget-conscious dreamers.
DIY Flexibility: Take an active role in the design process, customizing your plan and executing it at your own pace.

Choose Full Service if: You desire a completely hands-off experience, crave in-person collaboration, or have complex projects requiring extensive on-site work.<br>
Opt for Virtual Design if: You prioritize budget-friendliness, enjoy remote collaboration, or prefer a DIY approach with expert guidance.

Consultation and Collaboration:

Understand your vision: Through video calls, questionnaires, and online discussions, they delve into your style preferences, needs, and budget.<br>
Space Assessment: You share photos, measurements, and inspiration, allowing them to virtually assess your space and its potential.<br>
Collaborative Design: They translate your vision into a personalized design plan, complete with furniture layouts, color palettes, and product recommendations.

Yes! You can absolutely upgrade to the next level if you decide later on you would like more help. You will only be responsible for the difference of whichever package you decide to upgrade to.


This consultation will take place after you have completed and submitted the inquiry form. This call will allow you to ask any questions about the package you have selected and meet your designer before finalizing payment.

Great question! In order for us to provide you a scaled floor plan we're going to need you to grab your measuring tape. We will need detailed measurements of the space including any windows, doors, openings etc. 

Turnaround time is only for what is included in the packages (boards, shopping list, floor plan) and excludes any shipping/delivery times for pieces purchased. This will also depend on the package selected, as the workload varies and how quickly the client and designer finalize a design. The estimates below also do not reflect any revisions requested or rescheduled meeting times. On average each package's turnaround time should be the following:

Level 01: 1 week

Level 02: 1 - 2 weeks

Level 03: 2 - 3 weeks

Revisions allow for up to 3 changes. Don't love the coffee table? No worries, we'll change it. Want to switch gold hardware for black? You got it. If your revision request exceeds 3 changes, a new design will need to be created and will be subject to additional charges

Being that we will not be physically on-site with you it is critical that we obtain photos and accurate measurements of your space early in the process. The more images you provide the better and we ask to please be mindful of lighting (images are best taken during the day with natural light). Additionally, being that this program is virtual we ask that you have access to Google Meet or FaceTime so we can have an interactive experience throughout the process. 

This program is technically for one single space. However, we do offer traditional interior design services at very competitive rates and we'd love to hear about your project and help!

A mood board is a visual presentation or 'collage' consisting of images and/or samples used to convey a general theme or concept for a space. Room boards are unique to mood boards in that room boards reflect the actual pieces that have been selected by the designer. They also portray a rough layout of those pieces (not to scale) for visualization of the slow and concept. 

Depending on the package selected and extent of the project the designer will determine how frequently it is necessary to meet. Additional requested meeting time outside of the pre-determined time necessary will be subject to additional charges.

This is a great question! The prices range based on the square feet of your space.

EX: Level 01 could accommodate a half bathroom design or a large bedroom, one is clearly more work than the other. The square feet of your space will be taken into consideration when pricing your project but it will never exceed the range we have provided.